lightbridge connects two geographic points over a distance covering 9289km, achieved in collaboration to reveal the framed sunrise of two disctinct landscapes connected by a line drawn over a map. Contemplating the trajectory of the earth around the sun on a morning of February 28th 2009.

Light towards BrazilDirection

With sunrise beginning in the UK 3 hours earlier, two people commit to synchronize their geographical positions as movement takes between the horizons.
A lightbridge is formed by capturing two framed landscapes, observing the change of lights and sounds subtly revealed by the cameras that attempt to point to one another across the ocean. Filming began at astronal twilight,at 4:54am in the sleepy seaside town of Selsey on the West Sussex Coast of England, and endied at Sunrise, at 5:47am in the fervent city of Rio de Janeiro.

GPS South coast UKSunrise in the UKLightbridge timeline drawing