Dark Forest schools exchange (2009/2010)

A long-distance schools exchange designed between Escola Camilo Castelo Branco at the botanical gardens in Rio de Janeiro and Djangoly Academy in Nottingham close to Sherwood Forest in England.

Sensory technology and visualizing environmental data was the starting point to connect teachers, young people and artists in an immersive investigating about global climate change and the environments we live.

Workshops took place over a 12 week period between the two schools in parallel to each other, exploring sensory and embodied experiences through observational drawings, composition, animation, photography and performance.

As well as the Art and Science teachers from the schools, the project counted with the support of the NEA (Environment Education Nucleus) team at the Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro, Staff at the Forestry Commission in Nottinghamshire and the Arts Council of England. The accompanying technologies were developed by Active Ingredient and Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University.

The project was recently (2017) published in:
Digital Participation through Social Living Labs
Valuing Local Knowledge, Enhancing Engagement
>> Chapter 3 – Digital Participation Through Artistic Interventions
Rachel Jacobs and Silvia Leal Pages: 37–54