the dark forest schools exchange

This was a school’s exchange took place between Escola Camilo Castelo Branco close by to the botanical gardens in Rio de Janeiro, a historic state school characterized by the surrounding by Atlantic forest. Djangoly Academy in Nottingham is close to the infamous Sherwood Forest in England, a state of the art school designed by Foster and Partners.

A series of workshops were designed with Rachel Jacobs and Matt Davenport that took place in both schools simultaneously during a term. The technology developed by Active Ingredient and Mized Reality Lab at Nottingham University allowed us to connect the school in Rio with a school group in nottingham via a server at the university and environmental sensors conencted a mobile phone. These materials were starting points for me to sensory/human interactions with the natural surroundings and the aim of the exchange was to produce visual material through environmental data collection and how this might be experienced, visualized and shared between the twoschool groups.

This interdisciplinary methodology demostrated how we can engage young people with a notion of global climate change, the environment, art, science and tecnology through visual arts practices such as observational drawings, collage, stop-frame animation, photography and performance.

This project counted with the support of the NEA team at Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro and was funded by the Arts Council of England and Mixed Reality Lab at The University of Nottingham.

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