Experimental Mobile Studio (2010)

EME >> was awarded the Conexao Artes Visuais prize in 2010. The commission supported four mobile residencies around the guanabara bay region of Rio de Janeiro, with work that approached directly the environment with investigations of the atlantic biosphere in the region.

The van became a place for the work for artists to immerse in field – embark in research-led activities and develop public engagement through site-specific interventions and workshops, allowing for a variety of instances of participation.

The 2010 edition involved 31 professionals and reached around 600 members of the public directly, over 7000 indirectly with 16 public interventions and workshops.

The resident artists between August and November 2010 were:

Alissa Gottfried
Beatriz Lemos
Active Ingredient (UK)

Video documentation: http://vimeo.com/22434552