A Trace of a temperate forest
I set off into the forest  where I had set up port only a few hours earlier. From a bird’s eye view, this was a tiny white cross point on the green landscape.

Port  was temporary satellite space, symbolic of my collaboration in A Conversation between Trees. This workspace was an open invitation to observe and draw directly onto the interior of the structure, the forest surrounding us. Natural lights, colours and movement dance continuously over us. A trace of a temperate forest, tackles some of the questions that came up in working with the group from a long-distance, and with people who had never been in a forest. How do you communicate an experience? What are the stories we know about forests? We sit, we share and draw.

PORT was a shown at at Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts in Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire. As part of the exhibition ‘A conversation between trees’ by Active Ingredient. May 2011.