Before Light (2012)

In time to a metronome, light switches in different rooms of a secluded farmhouse were turned on and off to the sequence of a hand-drawn punch card, matching carbon data collected earlier that same day. 

Before Light is a study of carbon levels in a rural forest region in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This work took shape alongside the production of the Relate project residency and was realised collectively, as a result of conversations and calculations, compositions, and synchronicities between 7 researchers.

In my role as host-artist, I carefully selected the space where we would gather and work during the immersion into research and knowledge sharing. This was a meeting of artists, creators and academics in the fields of contemporary art, Environmental Studies and Human-Computer Interaction, supported by Academic research leads from the Universities of Nottingham (Mixed Reality Lab/ Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub & Exeter University´s Department of Performance and New Media.

Results include Best Regular Paper prize at the Digital Futures Conference 2012 in Aberdeen awarded to the group: Jesse Blum, Martin Flintham, Derek McAuley, Rachel Jacobs, Matt Watkins, Rebecca Lee, Robin Shackford, Mark Selby, Silvia Leal and Gabriella Giannachi for the paper Timestreams: Supporting Community Engagement in the Climate Change Debate.