Before Light (2012)

How might inconceivable numbers to the human brain be visualised? 

In time to a metronome, light switches in different rooms of a secluded farmhouse were turned on and off to the sequence of a hand-drawn punch card, corresponding to carbon data collected earlier that same day. 

Before Light is a study of carbon levels in a rural forest region in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This artwork was the fruit of the residency proposal of the project: Relate, realised collectively as a result of conversations and calculations, compositions, openness and synchronicities between 7 researchers.

In my role as host artist, I carefully selected the space where we would gather and work during the week of immersive research and knowledge sharing. As artists, creators and academics in the fields of Contemporary art, Environmental Studies and Human-Computer Interaction.

This project had Academic research leads from the Universities of Nottingham (Mixed Reality Lab/ Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub & Exeter University´s Department of Performance and New Media.

Resulting in the Best Regular Paper prize at the Digital Futures Conference 2012 in Aberdeen awarded to Jesse Blum, Martin Flintham, Derek McAuley, Rachel Jacobs, Matt Watkins, Rebecca Lee, Robin Shackford, Mark Selby, Silvia Leal and Gabriella Giannachi for the paper Timestreams: Supporting Community Engagement in the Climate Change Debate.