Research project for an interactive artwork, developed with Rachel Jacobs, artist and Doctor of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), alongside her specialist colleagues Anthony Brown, Nils Jaeger and Holger Schnadelbach from Horizon Digital Economy Hub at Nottingham University.

By identifying and working in-situ with a community in Brazil, I brought together an intergenerational arts group from the town of Pirenópolis in the centre-west of the country – Flor de Pequi – to experiment with the narrative and games elements of the artwork. The group was funded by the State of Goiás’ Art & Culture Fund, to incorporate the Invisible research project into their prized project  – Curucucu: ou a rua que habita em mim. Which ran public events and workshops throughout Jan-Sept 2018.

Photos below by: Marina Duarte/ Reflection Montage: Silvia Leal



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Photos above by: Rachel Jacobs