I began my practice in the late 90’s, influenced by the scene in which I grew up in south London: underground parties, social welfare movements, manifestations and the rise of organizations led by artists that produce public, live and community arts.

A graduate of Fine Art from the London Institute: Saint Martin’s College of Art in ’01, my professional experience expanded into different areas: mainly architecture and media, which created a constant dialogue between the private and public sectors, allowing me to sustain an independent visual arts practice.

After 30 years in London, I began in 2006 to live intermittently in Rio de Janeiro, where I was born, and immerse myself in collaborative processes realized through the projects; GEMAEME >> Experimental Mobile Studio , The Dark ForestA conversation between Trees and Relate. Distinct projects which have in common the investigation of Forest biospheres in Brazil and the UK and an investigation of interdisciplinary participatory art.

In 2012 I joined Barracão Maravilha  as an associate artist and implemented the International Residency Program to support the interaction between artists from around the world and the local contemporary art circuit, experimenting different organizational models to maintain the independence of an artist-run-space in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Upon a new road of parenthood, my time is currently dedicated to bringing up a little citizen, leaving me ample time to undertake a critical reflection of my practice. In 2015 I began a Masters Degree in Culture and Territoriality at UFF in Rio de Janeiro, whilst continuing to work as an artist and producer with UK organizations realizing co-productions with Brazil.


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