The Strike at Imperial Typewriters (2019)
Heritage Fund, Arts Council of England, Leicester City Council
B3 Media Production Manager of Filmed oral histories project and a multiplatform exhibition installed in Leicester City Council’s Newarke Houses Museum (June-Oct 2019) Curated by B3 Media’s Founder and Creative Producer Marc Boothe and writer Divya Ghelani. In collaboration with University of Leicester, DeMontfort University, Horizon Digital Economy
Link: http://strikeatiperial.net

Performative Mirror Space (2019)
Horizon Digital Economy Research / CHO Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Co-author of paper with HCI researchers Rachel Jacobs, Holger Schnadelbach, Nils Jager, Robin Shackford, Steve Benford, Roma Patel
Link: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3290605.3300630

Digital Participation through Artistic Interventions (2017)
Queensland University of Technology, Australia , Published by Elsesier
Co-Author of book chapter with Rachel Jacobs PhD, highlighting a human focused approach to fostering digital participation to engage local communities and schools in UK and Brazil with issues of sustainability and climate change.
Link: Digital Participation Chapter

Gambiarra Lab (2016)
Arts and Humanities Research Council and Newton Fund, Published by CreativeLab/Festival Multiplicidade, BR/UK
B3 Media Associate Producer/ Production Manager in the commission of 13 Brazilian emerging artists, invited to developing collective work in a residency format with two public showcases at an International multimedia Festival (Bela Mare and OiFuturo).
Link: http://gambiarralab.org

VI International Cultural Policy Seminar (2015)
Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation, Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil
Co-author of Academic paper and public presentation: Artists’ Residencies: notes on the creative economy
Link: https://uff.academia.edu/SilviaLeal/Talks

(In)visible (2017)
Brazilian Fund for Art and Culture in the State of Goiás and Horizon Digital Economy, UK
Interactive artwork built with researchers of HCI, intergenerational dance group in Brazil and Primary Studios in Nottingham.
Link: Horizon Funding Award

Timestreams: Supporting Community Engagement in the Climate Change Debate (2012)
Best Paper Award Digital Futures 2012
Co-Author of paper which discusses disruptive innovation that facilitates artistic community engagement with issues of climate change through sensor data and blogging.
 Link: Timestreams Paper

Salão de Beleza (2012)
Barracão Maravilha Arte Contemporanea
Co-organiser of all-female exhibition with Zé Carlos Garcia with works by AHH, Alessandra Bergamaschi, Aletéia Daneluz, Bruna Lobo, Catalina Chlapowski, Celina Portella, Claudia Hersz, Fran Junqueira, Glaucia Mayer, Isabela Sá Roriz, Laura Lima, Maria Lynch, Natali Tubenchlak, Susana Guardado & Tatiana Dager.

Timestreams/ Relate (2011)
RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub
Joint research and development project between the University of Nottingham, MET office and Active Ingredient to explore the relationships between energy and climate change.                                   
Link: Timestreams Video

Standstill (2010)
Stoke Newington International Airport / DISTANCE Festival
48 hour performance with Maiza Almeida, Moana Mayall, Sirkuu Maenpaa, Tee Cardarci, Laura Bradshaw, Rachel Jacobs, Willian Villalobos Fernandez, Catherine McKenna, Lucy Moore, George and Elisabeth Morris, Ink & Ale, Wason Murray, Greg McLaren and Simone Kenyon. With thanks to Lottie Leedham, Neil Callaghan.
Link: https://gemaproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/standstill-at-distance-festival-in_21.html

Experimento no. 7 (2010)
A Gentil Carioca Gallery
Invited artists representing EME 2009 edition in group show Abre Alas curated by Beatriz Lemos, Felipe Scovino and Guga Ferraz.
Link: https://gemaproject.blogspot.com/2010/02/eme-gentil-carioca-gallery.html

Experimental Mobile Studio (2010)
Conexoes Artes Visuais, Ministry of Culture of Brazil
Mobile research Lab supporting 8 international artists to make new work around the Guanabara bay region to research the Atlantic Forest biosphere. Involved 31 professionals, 4 short-form films and 16 interventions.
Link: EME >> Video

Dark Forest Schools Exchange (2009/2010)
Arts Council of England and Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University
Long distance workshops with state schools in the UK and Brazil collecting environmental data with sensors to produced analogue and high-tech visualizations in a comparative study of tropical and temperate forests.
Link: Dark Forest documentation

Paralelo: Unfolding Narratives: in art, technology & environment (2009)
Arts & Human Research Council (UK), British Council (Brazil), Virtueel Platform (Netherlands)
Invited artists to present the Experimental Mobile Studio at international meeting of artists.
Link: Paralelo Book Chapter