• ´The Strike at Imperial Typewriters´| B3 Media (Oct 18 – Jun 19)
    Production Manager of filmed oral histories project and a multiplatform exhibition displayed at Newarke Houses Museum in Leicester (June-Oct 2019)
    >> http://strikeatiperial.net
  • ´Performative Mirror Space´|Horizon Digital Economy Research (May 19)
    Published paper at CHO Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems with Rachel Jacobs, Holger Schnadelbach, Nils Jager, Robin Shackford, Steve Benford, Roma Patel
  • ‘Digital Participation through Artistic Interventions’ | Book Chapter IN: Digital Participation, Chandos Publishing (Sept 17)
    Co-author of a book chapter dedicated to interdisciplinary research and artworks realised in collaboration with Active Ingredient between UK and Brazil (2009- 2012)
    >> Digital Participation Through Social Living Labs
  • ‘Gambiarra Lab’ | B3 Media (Jan 16 – Jun 17)
    Associate producer in Rio de Janeiro in the commission of 13 Brazilian artists developing new work, showcased at an International multimedia Festival
    >> http://gambiarralab.org
  • ‘VI International Cultural Policy Seminar’ | Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation, Ministry of Culture of Brazil (May 15)
    Co-author of Academic paper and public presentation: Artists’ Residencies: notes on the creative economy
  • ‘Mapping of Artists’ Residencies in Brazil’ | Brazilian National Foundation of Art (Funarte) (Nov 14)
    Speaker at table: “Experience Lab (Laboratório de experiências)” at the launch of national mapping of the Art Residencies sector in Brazil
  • ‘Indie.GESTÃO –  Autônomous Spaces Residency’ | Ateliê Aberto & JA.CA, Belo Horizonte (May 14)
    Submission awarded to Barracão Maravilha to represent the South-east of Brazil in this residency for independent artist-run-spaces
    >> https://www.jaca.center/indie-gestao/
  • ‘Unfolding Circuits / Circuitos da Desdobra’ | Helio Oiticica Municipal Cultural Centre, Rio de Janeiro (Apr 14)
    Speaker at table: “Open doors: residencies, mobility and the relationship to the surroundings” / Portas Abertas: residências, mobilidade, relações com o entorno
  • ‘International Residency Programme: Barracão Maravilha, RJ (Jan- Dec 13)
    Realization of International residency which hosted 12 artists from Australia, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and USA
  • ‘Timestreams: supporting community engagement in the Climate Change Debate’ |  Digital Futures Conference Aberdeen (Dec 12)
    Best paper award to Jesse Blum, Martin Flintham, Derek McAuley, Rachel Jacobs of the University of Nottingham, Matt Watkins, Rebecca Lee, Robin Shackford, Mark Selby, Silvia Leal of Active Ingredient and Gabriella Giannachi of Exeter University
      Digital Futures_Timestreams.pdf
  • Making it Real’ | Arts Catalyst, London (Nov 12)
    Public presentation of the RELATE project by the researchers and collaborator & Best Paper Award
  • Timestreams’ | Barracão Maravilha,  Rio de Janeiro (Sept 12)
    Artist and Research collaborator and organiser of residency for Horizon Digital Economy, Nottingham and Exeter University artists and scientists
    >> https://vimeo.com/Timestreams
  • ‘Salão de Beleza’ | Barracão Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro (Jun 12)
    Co-organizer and participating artist of  all-female group exhibition to launch artists’ studio gallery space
  • Eu-Você’| Superhighway Language Class, Spielart Festival in Munich (Dec 11)
    Collaborating artist in the Superhighway Language Class with Joon Lyn Goh’s Mandarin and Portuguese online performance
  • A Conversation between Trees’ by Active Ingredient | Centre of Contemporary Art and the Natural World (June 11) / Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, UK (May 11)
    Collaborating artist in the development and realization of interactive artwork in forest regions between the UK and Rio de Janeiro
    >> http://www.i-am-ai.net/work/a-conversation-between-trees/
  • EME >> 2010′ | Conexões Artes Visuais, Funarte, MINC, Petrobrás Prize (Jul-Sept 10)
    Concept and Realization of mobile residencies around the Guanabara Bay with artists’ research relating to the Mata Atlântica biosphere and notions of sustainability
    >> http://emedata.blogspot.com.br/
  • ‘Hayward Huddle’ | Louis Vuitton Project, London (Aug 10)
    Commissioned artist to lead a workshop in dialogue with the Ernesto Neto’s solo exhibition at the Hayward Gallery with . Following an interview with the artist in his studio in Rio de Janeiro
  • ‘Distance Festival’ | Stoke Newington Airport, London (Jun 10)
    Commissioned artist G.E.M.A to present performance  “Stand-Still”, a digital performance between London and Rio de Janeiro
  • ‘The Dark Forest’ | Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro & Sherwood Forest (Apr 10)
    Invited artist to lead a long-distance education-exchange in Rio de Janeiro with Rachel Jacobs and Matt Davenport of Active Ingredient in Nottingham.
  • ‘Abre Alas 6’ | A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro (Jan 10)
    Selected artist GEMA in annual group exhibition with the installation: “Experimento no 7” in the group show, curated by Beatriz Lemos, Felipe Scovino & Guga Ferraz
  • ‘Paralelo: Unfolding Narratives: in art, technology & environment’ | Museu da Imagem e Som, São Paulo (Mar 09)
    Invited artist to present Experimental Mobile Studio at an international meeting organized by Arts & Human Research Council (UK), British Council (Brazil), Virtueel Platform (Netherlands)