My name is Silvia and I am a visual artist and cultural producer from Brazil, brought up in South London since 1989. I live and work in London where I bring up my seven-year-old son.

When I returned to my country of birth in 2007, I began to work intermittently between the two countries I call home and with the support of an international network of collaborators from the arts and media industries, academics, government bodies, grass-root organisations, and artists’ collectives, I was able to be part in the realization of a number of dear projects, oriented by climate change awareness, human rights and social justice.

Being welcomed by a ‘school of the south’in Latin America, it became urgent to reconcile knowledge gaps between the UK and Brazil, a period formalised with the completion of a Master’s degree, awarded in 2018, in Culture and Territorialities from the Fluminense Federal University of Brazil (PPCULT) based on my practice-led research on Artists’ residencies and globalization. Recommended for publication.

Throughout my trajectory, I have also worked on several published translations of specialized literature including exhibitions copy, critical essays, and in film and TV broadcast, have facilitated crews on-location filming, onscreen translations, and subtitling. Most recently I have been supporting women artists and authors in the dissemination of films, academic papers, and public-funded reports on Women, Motherhood and Covid-19, Energy and Food- Sovereignty and Autonomous Communication Infrastructures in Latin America.

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